What To Do When Opportunity Knocks?

There is a lot you can do when opportunity knocks. You can ignore it, thinking ‘nah, impossible! Me? Are you sure?’ You can say ‘who are you? What do you want? Get out!’ You can open the door a little bit and take a peek: ‘hmmm, interesting…’

But, if you are me, you are insane! Meaning, you’d probably throw the door wide open and say: ‘Howdie! Of course I can, just tell me what you want and I’ll make it happen!’

For people like me, it’s important to have good friends around, faithful partners; those smart and sensible people that not only love and protect you, but are able to balance insanity out with a ‘did you ask who they were? What their company’s about? If there’s a contract involved? What percentage will you receive?’

Okay, okay, I’m not going to pretend to be ignorant. I did my homework, asked my way through a possible contract, did the standard questionnaire. I was just curious. Is this happening to more people out there on: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook… or am I just lucky? I’ve been (social) networking for less than a year and already I’ve gained one freelance contract for a bimonthly column, a sample production based on a screen script and now I’m waiting for a proposal for an iPad project (sorry, can’t reveal much yet. Wait for Part I of …)

I’m standing right in front of my future and there’s a lot of movement taking place over here. I can make it all go away, but why should I? I want to succeed now, so I will have to trust people, I will have to belief in what I can and what I want, I will have to take risks and get disappointments (sporadically, very sporadically). Hey, I am the doorlady of my own prosperity, I will let all the good fruits in and kick the bad apples out. What will you do?

© 2020 Liliana Erasmus