My iPad Adventures - Part I

Dear Blog Followers, Readers and Peekers,

Today I’m going to start my first blog series called ‘My iPad Adventures’. Why? Because… pam-pam-paaam! I’ve been approached by an international app (= applications for smartphones, but very soon, also for iPad) company to write children’s ibooks. Patience my peeps, you will get it all, post by post (if you stay with me… Stay!)

First, let me start by sharing the truth and nothing but: I don’t even have an iPhone! There. I said it! I can’t even test one for free, because I’m not a US resident, I’m not even a Canadian resident. There’s probably not one Apple Store in my 900 miles radius. And you know what? It’s okay.

At this very moment, I’m working on my first app. Doesn’t that sound snappy? This new adventure makes me smile all day! It’s looking so – no, NOT crappy at all – futuristic. It’s crazy to see your characters jumping around instead of laying frozen on a page. I can’t express what it feels, because I have no clue where this will lead (I hope to every corner of the earth :D) Let’s keep it calm: I’m impressed. No, I’m more than impressed. I’m kind of… ECSTATIC.

Pfff, can’t wait to see it all finished up and alive. I’m so proud and fortunate to be part of world changing technology, because the world changes – whether we like it or not. Why not join this evolution and reach as many as possible through paper, electronics, networking… whatever is necessary to get the message out, to share our thoughts, to connect with the world and have more access to and less boundaries between one another.

To be continued (in April – when I’m back from my Disney vacation, maybe on an Clickable Cloud or a Drag & Droppable Donut)

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