Back To Reality Land

Hi there, folks! I’m a bit lost and trying to get a Fastpass to reality after two weeks of magic overdose at The Happiest Place on Earth. Pfew, I missed you guys (and the Peace & Silence!), glad I’m back!

Vacation is great and very important; loading everything off my back to make room for fun and excitement, enjoying time with my family, absorbing inspiration out of every new experience… couldn’t wait to share my stories and photos :)

Being back home is such a joy, especially after a hyperactive holiday. Standing in line for more than an hour for my daughter’s picture with Princess Tiana (repeat process 300x a character). Dealing with Mickey Mouse’s head on a waffle, ice-cream, soap… toilet paper? Hearing ‘have a magical day!' fourteen days in a row! Dragging kids out of souvenir shops after every single ride (6 parks! `:o)

Can’t wait to repeat this journey (no, really!) – as soon as I’m ready for that extra dose of magic and pure wonder.

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