My iPad Adventures - Part II

Yes, there is more! And for those of you who thought ‘where oh where is that follow up of hers?’, I can now (finally) soothe your curiosity:

Meet my good old friend…

Name: Hopus

Born: on the island of Aruba in 2005

Parents: Daniëlle Schothorst and Liliana Erasmus

Role: main character

Genre: picture book

Themes: magic, adventure, friendship, autism

Language: Papiamento and Dutch

Second home: The Netherlands since 2007

Accomplishments: Aruba’s 1st Book Festival Gift 2005; Reading Lion Edition (Leesleeuw, The Netherlands); since 2010, traveling worldwide as an iPad app for iStoryApps in English, French, Dutch, German; a spokesperson for Autism.

We – yes, we’re a team of several artists working together to make one application come true. We’ve been sharing ideas, thoughts, files, expertise for some months now and I’m still very impressed with the possibilities and potentials the time we’re living in is offering us. We can create more than a book - the future of reading - by joining forces from anywhere in the world with the power of the Internet! Okay, let me not get too carried away.

I don’t know what will happen to us – not in the near, not in the far, far future – but, we’re here and we’re creating and sharing miracles together. That’s what humans do, don’t they? I love to write and that will not change. I’m just adding new experiences to the art of writing and to reading altogether. A story will remain a story, but how the story will look like, that’s where we are right now. Will the book become an app? Or will the book remain a book forever? Going through the different stages of creating new reading material, as a modern writer, I love the challenge of thinking 4D, because that’s what I’m experiencing: the story is the first layer, then you have the illustrations, graphic/product design, animations, voice recordings, sound effects, translations… And yes, I need to be involved in the whole process.

When I create a book, a character, a world, a story, I write with all I have. The reader reads the book and loves or hates it. When you’re making an app, it’s book plus everything that needs to be incorporated to make the book interactive and appealing to the modern reader. And there you have my reason to undergo this metamorphosis: the reader, always the reader (or why publish at all) should get it all, and the best of it, whether it’s a book or an app – leaving us, writers, illustrators, designers, hopeful, creative and willing to join forces for a better future of The Story.

© 2020 Liliana Erasmus