My iPad Adventures - Part III

I’m not supposed to blog or tweet about this yet, but… I can’t help myself!

Here is the big news:

After months of hard work and intensive communication with this fantastic team of iPad app developers from all over the globe called ‘Apps of All Nations’, I can finally spill the beans…

My baby, my joy and pride, my very first iPad app ‘Hopus’ is purchasable on iTunes by my great new app publisher iStoryapps!

So I can’t post a youtube video of the Hopus app yet (because I was too eager to share this news and unable to wait till the whole package was ready for promotion ;p), but if you have an iPad tablet and you’re dying to see what I’m blogging about, and you don’t care to see what the youtube video looks like, because you trust me anyway, please visit the iTunes Store right away, buy the Hopus app and let me know what you think.

Not convinced yet? Okay, this is the best part: Buy the Hopus app today and you will not only make ME & THE HOPUS TEAM very, very happy because the app is being sold. THERE IS EVEN MORE! Buy this app today and you will be supporting the Aruba Autism Foundation (FAA) by giving the families in Aruba that are affected by Autism a better chance of receiving qualified professional guidance and medical benefits. Masha, masha danki! (Thank you very much!)

-> Update (2016): the app is no longer available. Check out this video.

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