Summer Reads

It’s been a while, dear followers. Here is one good excuse: it's summer!

Yes, Aruba too, has a summer season. You will not notice it, because we don’t have an autumn, a winter or a spring. But we do have an official summer vacation. And even if we, Arubans, are able to go to the beach every single day; enjoy the sun and pass out under it; we do have a certain time of year to become the tourist ourselves. Being lazy, sipping Piña Colada's and reading books all day is not very hard to do.

This summer I’ve been spoiling myself with some great books about the art of writing. I’m reading Stephen King’s ‘On Writing’ in Dutch: ‘Over leven en schrijven’. His horror books and movies were part of my youth. I can now confess that I’ve read those books when my age was not yet appropriate. But, it was also a time when nobody really knew (or cared) about the content ratings of books, as long as their teenage sons and daughters were actually reading for pleasure.

‘Schrijven met effect’ (Writing with effect) by Mariët Hermans is about how to phrase your sentences efficiently. A great course book on the style of writing is every writer’s must-have. I’m building my professional library, so please send in your book suggestions.

Thank you so much for checking in, y’all. Have a great summer, wherever in the world you’re celebrating it.

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