Happy New Beginning To You All

A very special thanks to you, my faithful readers, for sticking with me through short, long and no posts at all. Here we are in the first week of a new year filled with resolutions, positive perspectives, dreams, hope… isn’t it a wonderful place to be? A new start! 😀

I’m curious to learn about your 2011 expectations. Please, feel free to share your thoughts, goals, whatever you have in the planning for this year, or what you didn’t accomplish last year, but will definitely round up during the 12 months to come.

I know I have a list and I’d love to share some of it with all of you (not in any particular order): * more blog posts (I’ll try to go for at least one a month) * to finalize my first YA (Young Adult) novel – I’m already working on it at this very moment. (Writing this post is my break, and not procrastination) * to publish my first MG (Middle Grade) novel this year – doing final adjustments! * to participate in Dutch Children’s Book Festival 2011 (this year’s theme “Superheroes! About daring to be brave” – got an invitation from the organization, but I need enough school and library requests to cover my airplane ticket from Aruba to Amsterdam and back -> any Dutch teachers or librarians around here? >> sss.nl <<< * to write and publish a new children’s book in Papiamento for the kids in Aruba this year * to work (maybe publish) a new iPad app or digital project. BTW I’m already committed to this new challenge, please take look here: www.ilearn4free.org * to continue promoting the pleasure of reading in Aruba with our foundation’s project Buki Bum: www.fundacionpapiamente.com * to keep on being a decent mom, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, citizen…etc * to improve as a human being (still a lot of work to be done here) * to explore my inner truth (discovered I had one after reading Brenda Ueland) * to read more * to go away from Aruba for a couple of days, or weeks (or to discover other places in the world, sounds better?) – traveling is very important when living on a small island, even if it’s a happy one. (do I have characters left?) * to be courageous in order to live fully * to be idle every now and then, to find inner peace… * to simply be

Happy New Year to You, dear Reader, Follower, Mother or Father, Friend or Stranger, Blogger? Twitterer? Facebooker? Earthling or Alien (who knows?), but a Being for sure. So Be you, the best of you.

© 2020 Liliana Erasmus