Save Your Darlings

What do newborn kittens have to do with writing? More than you think.A few days ago – four to be exact – my husband found a nest of newborn kittens in an old box on top of our storage cupboard. He heard meowing and went on a seeking quest till he discovered five really tiny kitties – eyes still closed, all alone, shivery – boxed underneath the metal curls of our rusty pendant lamp. He called me immediately, of course. I’m the mommy, the one who should know how to deal with anything miniature and frail.

Many thoughts came to our minds – since we were dog people, never had cats, have never seen a nest of newborn anythings, except for our own little bundles of joy. We surfed, twittered, called friends and vets, and in the end we had one choice: to be or not to be the parents. Let nature take its course or take matter into our own hands alias ‘let them die or try to save them’.

Many things can be accomplished if one is willing to sacrifice one’s fear of failure. If I can save these helpless creatures regardless of my lack of time and expertise, my cat allergies, my clumsiness… Maybe (because life has no guarantees) they will survive, maybe a few, maybe just one, but at least I’ve done all what’s in my power, with strong and sincere determination, to achieve total success. If I fail and all die, I still have to keep on living until I become the one who cannot be saved anymore.

So when you write: save as many of your darlings as you can. Even if there are no guarantees that they will see the light of day. Store them safely in a box, on top of your storage cupboard, you never know if they will ever, or when they will be ready to be revived.

© 2020 Liliana Erasmus