Aruba’s 19th Children’s Book Festival

The Netherlands is celebrating its 57th Children’s Book Week from October 5th till the 15th in 2011, while in Aruba we have the Children’s Book Festival for the 19th time, starting on the 31st of October till November 4th. Both events encourage children to read and love books, and both share the same theme this year: Superheroes – about daring to be brave.

This is one of my favorite topics, because I love books about courageous characters, pushing their limits to save their loved ones, a defenseless animal, or even planet Earth! And they don’t always have superpowers to overcome the most difficult obstacles in life. Sometimes, it only takes a little to BE BIG. Look around you, there are heroes everywhere. I see them every day and I would love my readers to discover them, too. Maybe they’ll find in one of those brave souls, their own special powers. Yes, I know what I’m going to do during my school visits… That’s why I’m soooo excited to be part of this year’s book festival in Aruba!

Participating authors in Aruba’s 19th Children’s Book Festival:

From The Netherlands

Marit Törnqvist

Floor Minnaert

Mariska Hammerstein

Evelien van Dort

From Curaçao

Mila Dorothea

Merly Augusta

From St. Maarten

Loekie Morales

Stella Simmons

From Bonaire

Sedney Marten

From Aruba

Desiree Correa

Dolfi Kock

Sheila Werleman

Mariebelle Arends

Gino Vrolijk

Liliana Erasmus

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