New Book - Illustration Sneak Peek

Dear all,

I’ve been poeming and rhyming my butt off, because... I’m working on my newest creation - a self-illustrated children's book - all covered in charcoal and (very) bright watercolors. And right through the opening of World Cup 2010! Am I complaining? Not at all! I’m a woman, thus very much capable of multi-tasking.

I’m so excited and a little bit sad at the same time, because this is my last ‘Rima rond di Aruba’ (Rhymes around Aruba) book from a three volume collection of rhyming poetry about Aruba’s flora, fauna, traditions… *sigh* Oh well, after 60 poems about my island, I think I’m ready to switch to prose for a while.

Before I continue to soak my brushes and splish my splashes, I have a little something especially for you, reader/visitor: a sneak peek called ‘Boa Barigonchi’ (Roundbelly Boa). I hope you like it.

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