The Hopus iPad Book App Presentation

Dear Readers,

This will be my first blog post with video! YAY :D

I only had a video camera with me on this memorable day. Warning: it’s not HD, but I think the content is important enough to share with friends, colleagues and especially families dealing with children with Autism. So, if you’re wondering what the iPad is and what it can do for children with different forms of autism, or how to present the iPad to a group of kids with Autism… watch this:

A special thanks to Monique Kuiperi, co-founder and president of FAA (Aruba Autism Foundation), Natasha Richardson, social worker at FAA, Thaisse Erasmus, office manager at FAA and the best crowd ever: Amanda, Sergio, Dorothée, Fredor, Sarrah, Sam, Vince, Alyza, Enric and their wonderful parents!

For more information about FAA (Aruba Autism Foundation), please visit their website.

For information about Hopus or if you want to make a donation to FAA by purchasing this iPad Book App, please go to the iTunes App Store.

-> Update (2016): the app is no longer available. Check out this video.

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