New Books, New website, New Experiences

Hi Everyone! How are you all doing? I’ve missed you, it’s been a while. But as you can see, I’ve been busy.

Returning visitors: How do you like my freshly revamped site?

New visitors: Welcome aboard! Let me know if you need anything.

Blog Followers: I moved my One Happy Writer blog and integrated it with my personal website to keep everything in one place (as much as possible).

As some of you may know, a website is a never-ending W(ork) I(n) (P)rogress, especially when you’re crazy like me, translating it in three languages. I do my regular spot checks, but please feel free to contact me if you find an annoying typo, a broken link, or if you have a suggestion on how to improve this site in any way. I appreciate your help and support.

While writing this introductory blog post, I received an email from my publisher with our first five-star review!! I can’t help sharing this with you right away (after translating, of course):

Grampies and Grannies Everywhere

Children’s Book Week Theme 2016

Sunday, September 11, 2016 by Ineke van Nispen - Bookstore Van Kemenade & Hollaers

If I have to make a choice out of all the books with the theme “grandpa’s and grandma’s young forever”, I think I’ll pick this book. Twenty poems and stories from different corners of the world. Warm and fairy-like; from Guatemala, West Africa, Laos, North America and Aruba. Also down-to-earth stories, but oh so beautiful from The Netherlands and Germany.

Always about the theme, elders.

Gorgeous page-sized illustrations that match perfectly to each story and radiate love and humor. A wonderful read-aloud with stories and a couple of poems for a broad target audience. Actually a book that shouldn’t be left out of any (school)library and a must-have at home.

Yeah, yeah, yeah... aha-aha-aha!! :D

And boy, is this becoming a Party Post, or what? Last Friday, I had the most amazing interview! The filming took place at Aruba’s California Lighthouse in preparation for this year’s Children’s Book Festival. I got to pick the location, and knew that the lighthouse had just been renovated. We (the National Library production team and myself) were only hoping they would allow us to film inside. And yay, so they did! Before September 2016, the lighthouse was closed for public, now suddenly we were climbing the stairs to reach the upper platform. What a treat! What a spectacular view!

The reason why I chose this setting for my interview, was because of my latest creation, a story collection in Papiamento. You’ve already met one of the characters (see photo at the top). Allow me introduce you to yet another heroine, one who's stuck in a ...

That’s right... You guessed it!

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