Taking Inventory Halfway Through 2017

Someone told me that I was aging gracefully, another said I should cover it up because I’m still too young to go gray (or did that person meant I was too young to grow old?) With a new birthday coming up and gray hairs spreading like wildfire, I thought about time and decided to sum up my blessings instead of worrying about being alive for so long. Which immediately takes me to the first item on my list:

I am grateful for ...

- being alive for so long!

- having love and health and happiness in my life

- the consciousness and wisdom growing inside of me

- the lessons I’ve learned and the ones I’m learning

- all the opportunities knocking on my door (whether I notice them or not)

- being able to do what I love

- the gift of motherhood

- living a life of freedom and abundance

- this very moment

- a fresh cup of homegrown ginger tea

- starting a Gratitude Journal - which made me realize...

How incredibly fortunate I am for all these dream-come-trues, pleasant surprises and unexpected adventures so far.

- two publications for Aruba this year: Riba Un Isla Encanta (On An Enchanted Island) and a new kamishibai story for all the elementary schools on the island (will keep you posted!)

- a new publication for The Netherlands: Overal Monsters en Spoken (Monsters and Ghosts Everywhere) by Levendig Uitgever - coming soon! - together with co-author Jeroen Hoogerwerf and illustrators Mariëlla Van Beek and Vanessa Paulina.

- an invitation to participate with the Kinderboekenweek 2017 (Children’s Book Week) in The Netherlands.

- an invitation to participate with another fabulous festival (sorry, not allowed to share more yet)

- a new contributing writer gig for British P & O Cruises’ Moments magazine!

Life does go on, it never stops, but that doesn’t mean we can’t. Because we can keep still and listen, observe, take in each moment, accept every gift along the way and realize how blessed we are just to be right here, right now, alive and brimming with indefatigable human potential.

© 2020 Liliana Erasmus