Joining The Movement

“Nature, just like us, is a living being that can't talk to express its right to exist, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t got these rights"

The message above was my introduction statement as the third candidate for a political movement I joined this year: RAIZ (Roots) - sowing the seeds of a better future. No matter how impossible the idea of me in combination with anything political may appear, it has become an undeniable part of who I am right now, for now, from now on... who knows. One thing I do believe is that we can only get somewhere if we know where we come from. And boy, have I been getting around and moving along this year, or what?

Before jumping on the political bandwagon, my family and I reactivated our adventurous souls, strengthened our family ties, celebrated our three most amazing vacation weeks in Ecuador - I’ll have to do a separate post or a whole blog to cover this gorgeous country. A quick impression, just to tickle your travel buds:

It was during this trip, chilling with a glass of wine near a cozy fireplace, staring at the Cotopaxi volcano in the near distance, when it suddenly hit me: I had to do it! That I’ve never done this before, that the movement had only two members with no political budget to run a traditional (a.k.a. massive) campaign election, that absolutely nobody knew what I was up to, weren’t good enough reasons not to send a message to my future party members and say ‘guys, you need a gal on that list.’ First, I had to sit down with my own party, my ultimate support system. After an in-depth conversation, my family voted YES! But time was running out. There were only a couple of hours left to fill in the forms, scan my ID, find a wifi connection and click on Send.

As you can see, our movement grew into a brand-new party of five that took our island by storm, and even though we didn’t make it into parliament (by a sprout), we accomplished more than we could’ve ever imagined. Proving that we don’t need a red cent, nor flags, banners, stickers, to conduct a successful political campaign anno 2017 (modern social media plus old fashioned town meetings), that we give content to politics not the other way around (mutual respect, the common good, values and norms) and that real change can only happen when our intentions are real. Danki Aruba (Thank you Aruba) for giving us plenty of fertile soil to sow these first seeds of a better, happier, greener, more sustainable and self-sufficient island.

We don’t have to travel the world to find out who we are. Being part of everything is all we need to grasp the wonders we carry within and without us. I love my life, and I’m grateful every day for being where I am, who I am, for being ... isn’t that a wondrous thing to say? I am here. Just like the location finder pinpoints. Now, choose your destination.

© 2020 Liliana Erasmus