2018, Here I Come!

February has already started, and although I’ve welcomed the new year with family festivities and good year resolutions and all weeks ago, it is now, while Aruba is celebrating its 64th Carnival Season, that I seem to realize ... 2018 is here! Three hundred and twenty-seven days ahead, 89,59% to complete. And I know by experience, the most unimaginable things can happen to anyone of us and when we least expect it. Wonderful, life-changing, soul-empowering events.

While last year’s sparks are still flying by, I wanted to take this moment to breathe and dream and thank you all, who are reading these blog posts, from the bottom of my heart. It’s a great honor to be sharing my journey as a creative human being with all of you and I wanted to invite you to contact me if you have a special interest regarding a topic, or maybe you have a suggestion, a question (or an assignment

;-) . I’d like to give my blog Pirates & Poets an extra boost this year, sharing more stories, connecting more deeply with the world around us, creating more, giving more...

It’s true, these are only intentions and it takes a lot more than setting them in order to manifest our dreams. But you know what I’ve discovered in the process? If you can just figure out what your intentions are, - your own and truest intentions - life starts to make much more sense.

"A flower is blooming whether it is in half, three-quarters, or full bloom” (Women Who Run With The Wolves, Clarissa Pinkola Estés)


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